Wednesday, June 18, 2014

PATH OF POWER: The First Great Misfortune By H.O. de Jonge

PATH OF POWER: The First Great Misfortune

By H.O. de Jonge

At the age of five, Alex witnesses’ the death of his mother, and the demise of his homeland by his uncle, Cain.  The Advisor to the Queen, Dante, whisks Alex away before Cain realizes there’s a remaining survivor and heir to the throne.  On his nineteenth birthday, Dante returns for Alex to start him on his training as a mighty mage and warrior.  So begins the story.

This is a very multi-dimensional story, with a diverse array of characters and lands.  You can’t help but root for Alex and feel sad for the curse placed on Merrick and the ramifications that transpired.  Dante is also another strong character in the story, along with the evil Generals.  They are each unique unto themselves.  There is a sequel and this story ends at just the right point. 

Unfortunately, there are so many grammar, editing and proofreading errors that if it weren’t for the great storyline, I would never have finished the book.  I almost gave up in disgust several times.  Especially when seeing the word son used for sun.  Or the word passed for past.  ERRHH!  There is no reason for these types of oversights.  And I can’t believe a publishing company would put their name on this book.  What is the publishing industry coming to?

If you like a light, fanciful fairy-tale type of story, this would be a great read for you.  As long as you can get past, not passed, all the stupid mistakes.  Even though this is a very good storyline, and I really liked the characters, I will only give it 3 feathers.  

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