Saturday, November 15, 2014


THE FOURTH BRIDE by Carole Gill 

Another well-written, exposition style of writing by Carole Gill.  Each book in the Blackstone Vampire Series is from a different character’s point of view.  Not any easy task as each voice has to be unique for that specific character, but Gill is able to accomplish just that.  Dia’s journey to the undead is quite different than what happened to Rose, Eve or Justine.  Though Justine, Into the Blood is not a part of the Blackstone Vampire Series, the story goes into more detail about the horrible nature of Ned and Anton and the terrible ordeal Dia suffered at their hands.  I do recommend reading that book to help flesh out the last of this series.
As a baby, Dia was cursed by Dracula to become his fourth bride.  Rose and Louis Darden tried to protect her from the curse, but once Dia turned of age and set to marry to a mere mortal, Dracula claimed her as his and changed her life forever.  After the destruction of Dracula, Dia finds herself betrayed and turned over to the sadistic Ned and his freak sideshow.  One element I like about Gill’s stories, they really show the dark nature of the human soul.  Society condemns vampires and werewolves as monsters and demons, but that same darkness dwells in the souls of man.

Because of proofreading errors, I have to take away one feather and give a 4 feather recommendation instead.  If you love dark, vampire stories, this one is for you

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