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Meet Jada Ryker and her new release: A PINK ZOMBIE WITH A MIST

Jada Ryker

Meet Jada Ryker and her new release: A PINK ZOMBIE WITH A MIST

A Pink Zombie, with a Mist: A Shaken, Not Stirred, Mystery/Horror Story (Shaken, Not Stirred, Mystery/Horror Series Book 1)

Today, my featured author is Jada Ryker and she’s here to talk about her newest release, A Pink Zombie with a Mist.  Quite a catchy title and one book that I’ve already read and reviewed on my blog.  You can read my review here.  Thank you for joining me and let’s get started. 

Tell us about your newest release:

A Pink Zombie, with a Mist, is a mystery/horror book. It's part of the Shaken, Not Stirred, Mystery/Horror series. The book is a standalone story, without any cliffhangers. It's not a gory zombie book. Brains are taxed. Not eaten.

What is the story about?

Dr. Olivia West is frantic. Her best friend Emma is missing. Olivia suspects her disappearance is related to Heaven's Bottom, a remote area in rural Kentucky with a chilling reputation. As children, she and Emma sneaked into the Bottom. They experienced frightening events. Emma is convinced they witnessed a magical ritual. Olivia believes in what she can see. She's not sure what happened that night, but she's positive it wasn't supernatural.

After a shooting at the university, Detective Steven Lewis interrogates Olivia. Steven's wife was a social worker. She entered Heaven's Bottom to investigate a child abuse complaint. She didn't leave alive. Steven discovers Olivia's childhood connection to the Bottom. He's determined to find the answers to his wife's death, and he's convinced Olivia has the answers.

Since their divergent goals are hurtling them both to Heaven's Bottom, Olivia and Steven join forces.

Who is the main character?

Dr. Olivia West is an anthropology professor. She grew up on the border of Heaven's Bottom. As children, she and her best friend Emma had a chilling experience in the Bottom.

What inspired this tale?  How did the story come to you?

My opening scene includes a shooting on campus. I work in a university, and I was involved in an incident on campus. A man made his way into the work area. He was carrying a long case, like a case for a folding chair…or a rifle. He threatened one employee's life. The incident ended without violence. The man eluded police and was never caught, but it made a mark on my psyche.

There's an area near where I grew up, similar to Heaven's Bottom but not as isolated. It doesn't have any zombies…to the best of my knowledge.

Do you relate to your character?  Is your protagonist anything like you personally?

If yes, then how?

Olivia and I share a background. I grew up in rural Kentucky, without electricity or running water. It was a difficult life. My father was an out-of-control, violent alcoholic. My brothers and I were abused and frequently did not have enough to eat. With our dirty, ragged clothing, we were social outcasts and easy targets for bullies.

What made you write this character; what made them important to you or made you want to tell their story?

I took the opportunity to combine a mystery/horror story with my own experiences, including higher education as a passport to a better life. Olivia is representative of those traumatic experiences. I had a chaotic childhood. I worked my way out of poverty. I held a menial, minimum-wage job in a gas station while I worked my butt off in college.

Is there anything specific you want readers to know about this piece of work?

A Pink Zombie, with a Mist, is not your run-of-the-mill zombie story. It's a horror story, but it's also a mystery. While it explores some serious themes, it incorporates humor and fun.

When will the novel be available for purchase?

It's available now.


Jada, thank you for taking the time for this interview.  And readers, if you like a fast-paced story full of zany characters, you should pick up a copy at your earliest convenience. 

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