Saturday, May 2, 2015

SILENCE OF SCANDAL by Jackie Williams

SILENCE OF SCANDAL by Jackie Williams

I must admit, I’ve ran across this book cover in several groups and my eye has always been drawn to the cover. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a shirtless, hunky man. Right? The cover bespeaks elegance and historical romance. And that’s just what I got. The story was beautifully written and for the time period the story takes place in.

I fell in love with the older Alexander. He returned from the French war to find his family in ruins, his father & brother dead and some unknown blackmailer after the family jewels. What a homecoming. Now the man that bought up his deceased brother’s debts is forcing him to marry his daughter. But there’s more to his brother and the woman he married than he knew.

There is some intrigue, but we pretty much know who the woman is that Alexander marries. You’ll understand when you read the story. What makes it fun is their discovery of each other. And there are some steamy scenes. I loved the bathtub one.
The story has strong secondary characters and I loved the humor, at Alexander’s expense, sprinkled throughout the story. Especially after his marriage and drunk in the local tavern.

This is a series and now I’m looking forward to reading the next one in line. If you love steamy, historical romances, you need to add this one to your TBR. I give it 5 feathers. Free Mother's Day Flower Delivery anywhere in USA and Canada.

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