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When I went to write my review on Amazon, I saw there were 39 reviews, mostly 5 stars. After having read the book, I couldn't understand how this book rated so well. So I started reading the reviews. The top 3 reviews read like short stories themselves. Praising the author for the depth of her characters and how wonderful the story was written. What? Did they read the same book? Then it dawned on me. These were writer’s themselves, supporting another indie writer. Were they being truthful? Most likely not. Indie writers already have a bad reputation for self-publishing so many poorly written books, so we don’t need to keep perpetuating the problem. Besides, giving a truthful review is beneficial to the writer as well as the reader. It may hurt, but I want to know what I can do to improve my writing. That said, here is my review, even if I get negative feedback.  I don’t play political games.

The subject of the book covers a serious social issue: the sexual abuse of daughters by their fathers or a father figure. The beginning of the book states it is based on true events. If true, I feel for the woman who had to live through these events. My younger sister had a friend in high school that was being molested by her father, and her mother was in total denial.

I found very few editing errors and they did not detract from the story.

My heartstrings were pulled by the plight of Maiya and her struggles to overcome the obstacles in her life.  This book was 71 chapters long.  I was only able to get through half of the story.  It was too long for the writing style.  The book was 90% narration and 10% interaction.  Reading the story was like a Shetland pony plodding around and around at a carnival ride.  The only one enjoying the ride is the child on the back of the pony.  The only one enjoying this story is the writer.  I felt like the pony plodding along trying to get to the end.  I finally had to give up.  I hate not finishing a book.  I even skipped to the end, but I still didn’t want to go back and finish the book.  There are very few books that I have given up on.  This is one. 

The characters did not have that much depth.  The only one that did was the horrible mother, Daydream.  Maiya sounded the same at age 14 as she did at 17.  The same monotone writing style.  Because I couldn’t finish the book, I have to give it 3 stars and I do not recommend the book.

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