Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CONNOR by Dormaine G

 CONNOR by Dormaine G

This is the story of 15 year old Connor when she suddenly realizes she has supernatural powers. She soon discovers she is not alone. With the help of other teens like herself, Tony, Willow, Bryon, Cheyenne and Scott, they search for the answers to their heritage. They meet up with Keepers who help them stave off the villains. Along the way, she runs across her Destiny, Ronin.

There are numerous plot twists and it’s definitely a precursor to a sequel. The author mixes fun and playfulness with dark and scary. I enjoyed the water fight between Connor and her younger brother, Reptile Boy. And the time Connor spent with Tony at the amusement park and some of the rides they shared. Then there was the creeping sneaking into Carting House. Unfortunately, there was an inconsistency at the end. When Connor broke her leg, she was still able to run and jump. Prior to that, any injuries she sustained took her at least a day to heal.

It took me awhile to get into Connor’s head, but once I did, I enjoyed her character. Most of the main characters had depth to them, but I most agree with some other reviewers, there were just too many of them introduced at the end and it became mishmash. But I did understand why the villains were there and what they wanted from the teenagers.

The writing needs some work. Parts of the story were written very professionally and other times at an amateurish level. And I’m not just talking about the interaction between the teens, but some of the action scenes and dialogues between the adults. There were also too many proofreading and grammar errors. If not for these factors, I would have given 4 feather. Now it will be 3 feathers. I would recommend this story for a fun, entertaining read.

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