Wednesday, May 21, 2014

THE REUNION by A.A. Pencil

THE REUNION by A.A. Pencil

Lauryn Parker throws a 10 year high school reunion to flaunt her stardom in the face of her ex-classmates. But things go horribly wrong. Or do they?
This is a wonderful, scary story with a plot within a plot. Reading the story I kept thinking of the movie CLUE, but with a maniacal twist. There is a wide range of characters, and they each have their own distinctive personalities. We probably all know someone they will remind you of. There’s the triangle with Tyler, Taylor and Paige, the unrequited love of Remington and Julian, and then Samantha with her flock of hovering males. And of course the pregnant Annabelle. The POV moves around from person to person, but there’s never any confusion who is talking or who the POV should be. Very well done.  My only confusion was with the names.  So many of them could be male or female and was usually opposite of what I thought.
My one qualm with the plot is it’s pretty fast-paced until the Reader finally understands what’s really happening, then it slows down as more background has to be told. I thought the last chapter was frivolous, just the author trying to fill in too much detail, but once I got to the epilogue, I understood why that chapter was there. The final ending made both plots seem even creepier.
This book was released through a small publishing house, but they obviously didn’t spend money on a proofreader/editor. This book has so many missing words, wrong words and inconsistent usage of words, they ruined my reading enjoyment.  Fire place vs fireplace. Shot gun vs shotgun. All these errors just take away from what should have been a very good story.
Also, the author must not know anything about guns. Shotguns do not shoot large bullets; they shoot pellets or buckshot, in a spray pattern. The terminology for the end of the gun is the butt, recoil for back force and most shotguns need to be pumped before they are fired and most only hold two rounds. Google is a great tool for writers to use to research things they do not know or understand.

I really enjoyed this story and highly recommend if you want a good fright. But due to the above stated factors, I have to give only 3 feathers. Indie Authors need to be accountable for poorly published books.

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