Wednesday, September 3, 2014

FLUSHED by Joseph Mulak

FLUSHED by Joseph Mulak

This is a different type of “coming-of-age” story.  We normally relate them to the Young Adult genre.  This is a tale about Ivan Wells, a 30+ man who doesn’t want any responsibilities in life.  He lives in a dumpy apartment, has a failed marriage and earns his living by playing poker at the local casino, just barely enough to cover rent and food.  He resents his family and friends as they’re always expecting more from him and keep insisting being a poker gambler is not a “real” job.  He’s comfortable with his lot in life, no expectations, no one to answer too.  Then one day a high school crush shows up, asking for his help. 

I really enjoyed Ivan and the development of his character throughout the story.  Always having to measure up to his older brother, Doug, Ivan knows where he stands in life, at the bottom of the totem pole.  Now he’s faced with choices he never thought he’d have to make.  The mother and father are richly detailed; you just want to shake them and yell, Wake up and look at your youngest son for a change.  Joseph Muiak writes with a lot of insight into the human psyche. 

This is not a high energy story with lots of drama, but it kept pulling me along, wanting to read more.  I was sorry to see the story end.  My only complaint  are all the proofreading errors.

I highly recommend this story and give it 4 feathers.  

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