Tuesday, September 16, 2014

JUSTINE: Into the Blood by Carole Gill

JUSTINE: Into the Blood by Carole Gill

I was given a free copy for an honest review

With all the TV shows, books and movies glamorizing the vampire life, this is a nice shot of reality showing that the pasture isn’t always the greenest on the undead side.

Growing up in an improvised life, Justine never thought she would find a decent life, or happiness, until she ended up in the Queen’s Court as a Royal Seamstress.  After several years of happy-ever-after, Fate knocks her down again and puts her on the run for her life.  Attacked by Rogue Vampires, she is found and brought back as the undead by Gascoyne.  Thus begins her life as the undead and her learning to come to terms with the monster that she sees herself as and inhumanity of human beings to creatures different than themselves.

There is an array of very rich characters in this story, Edward the painter, Ali the Sultan Prince and the evil Ned and his son Anton.  And Eco makes a cameo appearance.  Carole Gill does a fantastic job at bringing the characters and the settings to life.  My heart ached for the evil that Justine was forced to endure during her journey to find herself and her lost love.

This is a great dark tale, and I recommend this book to anyone who loves vampires and their lifestyle.  I’m looking forward to book 2.  I give it 5 feathers.

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