Saturday, September 20, 2014


I was nominated by a great writer and terrific person, J.M. Northup for this Work-In Progress Blog Train.   I’m so fortunate to have met her thru the Creativia Street Team on Facebook, a great group of authors with Creativia Publishing.

She is the author of A Prisoner Within, Fear of Darkness,   A Ripple of Fear and Soul Searching.

Previously on my blog, I gave 5 feathers to A Prisoner Within and 4 feathers for Fears of Darkness.

Anyone who’s read my social media pages knows I’m in the process of publishing my late husband’s stories.  Bob wrote for several years, and all those handwritten, yellow, legal-sized papers have followed us around for years.  I have a box full of them, more than I’ll be able to edit and publish in the rest of my lifetime.  So I have to pick and choose the ones I like best.

My current WIP, Arthur Merlin, has always been my favorite as the characters remind me so much of Bob and me.  I held off doing this one first, as I didn’t have the confidence I needed to make Bob proud.  Now I do.  Well, maybe. 

After an ice-filled, rain gutter falls three stories knocking Arthur senseless, several days later in a fit of anger, he discovers his psychic abilities by setting his cigarette on fire, with just his mind.  “You name it, I can do it,” he’s been known to boast.  Several years later, disgruntled with the US government trying to control him, and feeling an irresistible pulling inside, Arthur travels to England, to the Institute of Physic Research. 

There, he meets the shy, beautiful, aristocratic Dr. Ruth Burns.  Due to several tragic events that happened when she was younger, Ruth wants nothing to do with men, let along an arrogant American.  But Arthur has other ideas, as his male hormones spring into action.   Suddenly, Ruth finds herself saddled with the uncouth man, as her mentor and boss issues an order for her to take him into her home.  With jade eyes blazing, she wonders What is a girl to do?

Eventually, they find their way to Lake George, where years ago Ruth had had an encounter with the Lady of the Lake and Excalibur.  When Arthur is mentally probed by something Alive!, Metal! Not Moving!, he knows he’s the only one that can solve the mystery of the lake. But what they uncover is far more than anyone imagined.  Now he’s faced with a question, what will he sacrifice to save the world from Excalibur? 

So, who’s ready for a frolicking, paranormal, sci-fi, adult adventure with a cast of zany characters?

My three nominations are:
 Bridgitte Goosen author of My Lady Love and Dreams Come True
Gemma Farrow author of Beneath the Willow

 Jada Ryker author of Mayhem Takes a Dare


  1. I can't wait to read Arthur's Story! I know it will be a good one.

    Thanks for sharing!