Monday, October 27, 2014

EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE: From Epidemic to Pandemic By Thomas Jerome Baker

This is a very informative book regarding the nature of Ebola, with lots of active links to additional, supporting information.  I did learn some FACTS I wasn’t aware of.  But even knowing the truth, it still scares me, a lot, especially since I reside in Omaha, where we have so far treated 2 Ebola patients.  Successfully, I might add. 
I believe this book was written before the truth came out about how unprepared the US hospitals really are, in relation to the treatment of Ebola.  It this truly spreads to a pandemic, because of the governments turning a blind eye, our healthcare systems will be overwhelmed with sick and dying patients.  And quite a few Americans feel like I do, we just don’t trust anything said by government agencies.  We've been lied to too many times over the years. 
The MSF Presentation to UN Security Council really brings the plight of the West African’s to light.  As a hard-working, middle-class citizen, it’s hard to see our nearly defunct government handing over our hard-earned money to other countries that always have their hands out begging for more money.  But what’s the answer?  Either treat the outbreak in Africa, or wait until Ebola reaches our shores.  I feel a Pandemic is imminent, and long overdue. 

This is a Must Read for everyone concerned about Ebola.  I give it 5 feathers.

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