Friday, July 3, 2015


Chaysing Destiny (Chaysing Trilogy (Book 3))

CHAYSING DESTINY by Jalpa Willipy 

This is the last book in the Chaysing trilogy, and it was almost as good as the previous two.  Here are my reviews for Chaysing Dreams and Chaysing Memories.  You can also read a chapter excerpt from Chaysing Destiny

This book starts several years after Chayse was blown up at the cabin.  Most of us readers cried out eyes out, stunned at his death. Now, Tess has a small son called Jace, and a heart full of revenge. She's been looking for Chayse's killers, but Tom won't let her back into the field to find them. Then, unexpectedly, Tom sends her on a mission to Iraq, to gather information on a terrorist called Saheim. But, what Tess uncovers turns her world upside down.

Like the prior two books, this one is written with so much emotion and angst, you can't help feeling Tess' pain, so keep the tissues nearby.  
Jalpa went a different route with her writing on this one, as she introduces several other point of views, one being Gem. I would love to have a dog like her. Who wouldn't?  

In this book we finally discover who'd been chasing Chayse all his life, what he'd been running from but never realized.  But most importantly, how Tess and Chayse's lives were intertwined before they ever met.  The characters were just as well-developed as before, and everyone in Tess' life comes back for the final farewell. 

The book wrapped up the series perfectly. I loved these characters, and they became like friends. I highly recommend this series and give it 5 feathers. Personalized Candies

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