Wednesday, July 22, 2015

CONDUIT by Angie Martin

Conduit: A gripping serial killer psychological thriller (An Emily Monroe Novel, Book One)

CONDUIT by Angie Martin

Emily Monroe and her best friend, Cassie Reid, own the Monroe & Reid Investigators. Their agency has a reputation for getting results. Partly because of Emily's psychic abilities, which only Cassie knows about. But Emily's abilities have changed, and now she's hearing voices, screaming her name, in terror. Then, she wrote two words not in her handwriting, hear me. What does this all mean? What does it have to do with a serial killer that is brutally murdering women and leaving their bodies with one initial craved into each woman, that spells out, Can you hear me?

This story gripped me from the beginning with our introduction to the serial killer and his hapless victim. What a cold, calculating, psychopath he is. Of course, aren't they all? As the story progresses, Emily runs across Jake Hanley, a man working for her ex-boyfriend. They both feel a strong, mutual attraction that they can't explain. But Emily's aunt does. It's the same reason her and Cassie are such good friends. The characters are well-defined and I really liked the secondary characters, especially Leo and his wife Barbara. I also enjoyed the love interest between Emily and Jake. 

The only drawback was I found the plot line pretty predictable. No surprises, at least for me. I also didn't like Emily's decision NOT to share her information with the police over what she knew about the serial killer. I didn't find that believable. But it did help add drama to the story. Overall, it's a good, fast-paced story and I give it 4 feathers., Party Favors, and Toys from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s

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