Sunday, July 26, 2015


The Odor of Violet


Two years ago, Damien had a tragic accident that left him blind. After being dumped by his fiance, he succumbed to self-pity and became a recluse in his grand mansion. His only contact with the outside world is his friend, and now assistant, Jake. Trying to kick Damien out of his self-pity mode, Jake schedules a long overdue vacation to visit his parents. This means Damien has to hire someone to take care of his personal and financial needs. In walks Lisa Andrews, with her scent of violet overwhelming Damine's senses. Is he ready to take back his life and live again?

Being legally blind myself, I understood the premise behind this story. Your other senses do kick in to compensate: smell, sound and touch. What I didn't understand was the need for the wheelchair. He's blind, not crippled or an invalid. That part didn't ring true for me at all. But, the wheelchair added more drama to the story.

The plot is pretty straight forward, no surprises. Even with the return of the ex, I knew how the story was going to end. The best part of the story was the narration. Ju does a good job with the intimate scenes between Damien and Lisa. Pretty steamy. Unfortunately, I thought the characters were too one dimensional, and each character sounded like the other, they even used the same phrases.  The dialogue was very stilted, and it felt more like a draft instead of a polished manuscript.  It could’ve used some editing also.

I just don't understand how this book has received so many 5 stars, other than the fact the story is about a handicapped person,, so it got the sympathy votes.  I found it a so-so story and give it 3 feathers. 

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