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5 OUT 6 five star reviews for THE SECRET OF EXCALIBUR Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings

5 out 6 five star reviews for

The reviews are rolling in.  

I think The Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley is one of those stories that will stand out in my memory. Expecting another take on the famous sword, this love story took me by surprise as it wound its way from a laboratory in London that specializes in paranormal characteristics in humans to the surprise twist at the very end.

Between laboratory and the end, Foley dips into some of the lore around the famous sword. Ruth our heroine is fascinated by the Arthurian legends, so when she and our hero, Arthur Merlin, need to get away from the city, she takes him to the St. George Inn on lake St. George, where the sword is said to have been cast. Could the strange psychic sensations Arthur feels coming from the lake have anything to do with the famous sword? What did Ruth and her classmates really see out on the lake? The two set out to discover what mysteries the lake really holds, occasionally stopping for some lovemaking.

Any story of Arthur’s magic sword must contain a multilayered palette of romance, mystery, magic and characters both honorable and not-so-honorable. Foley manages this modern tale in classic form with the lovely heroine, a superhero, who is also very human, a few incompetent government paper-pushers and even the local buffoons.

I highly recommend this book.

And another: 

After seeing the title, the first thing I thought was---this is a King Arthur story. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I enjoy everything to do with the Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur. But, this is not that story. Or at least not that story, as you know it. This unique book brings in elements of the ancient tale but with a new and innovative twist.

The main character Arthur Merlin discovers he has what I would describe as superpowers. He can teleport and read minds. There are other powers I’ll leave for you to discover. Because of his special talents, the U.S. Government would like to control him.

The Lady of the Lake and Excalibur play roles in this book, but not the traditional roles you’d expect. This is a genre mix of legend, fantasy, and science fiction. The pace is perfect and the characters are engaging and interesting.

And another:

A wonderful meld of magic, paranormal powers and myth. What happened to Excalibur? Did it exist? Did Excalibur give Arthur special powers? I have always been fascinated by the story of King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table. This book takes me back to those original tales of legend or fantasy, I doubt if we will ever know which.

If you think this is just another Arthurian tale, you’re mistaken. It combines fantasy with intrigue and suspense and with the reality of the world we live in now. It takes you on a lovely trip through the English countryside to the lake where Excalibur is said to lie. The author must have done a lot of research on the book and it is very interesting to read all the legends of Excalibur.

The characters are full of quirks and you will find them amusing. I got a bit confused at the end with all the revelations, since there were Russian subs and aliens popping up. I feel like the story has been left dangling a bit at the end. I’m not sure whether it was intentional, and if we will be hearing more about Arthur Merlin soon but I do hope so. I wouldn’t mind meeting these characters again. I recommend this book to all lovers of fantasy and lore. Great job, Sahara Foley!

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