Saturday, February 14, 2015



What a powerful, dark, tragic tale with an unrequited romance interwoven throughout the story.  The story starts with Vasile, one of the most evil vampires I’ve met since Eco in Unholy Testament.  As Vasile searches for his new mate, little does he know that the woman he grants everlasting life to, Elizabeth Sutton, will ultimately be his demise. 

There are several sub-plots in the story, but the main plot revolves around Mia and Cain.  Mia is 10 when she first meets and helps Cain.  From that moment on, a bond is forged that will end up being their salvation.  I really enjoyed these characters and the terrible events that life kept throwing at them.  I felt very connected to them and they were really believable. Cain is my type of man, dark, hunky and tragic.  

Some of the lower star reviews complained there were too many characters the author just threw away in the middle of the story, that these disposable characters didn’t help or advance the plot.  I totally disagree.  This story stretches across several generations from when Cain was first turned.  Every character introduced in this story helps with the plot and character development for Cain and Mia.  Sure people died, but a horror story isn’t a horror story without victims.  If you don’t understand that, then you shouldn’t be reading horror stories.

And I must say, some of the deaths were pretty graphic and gruesome.  I write horror and some scenes even made me squeamish.  When I think back on it though, it’s more Cain’s rage and the realization that he feels no remorse or guilt for any of his actions.  A true vampire at heart. 

This is a wonderful tale and I highly recommend the book.  I give it 5 feathers.

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