Friday, April 10, 2015

OUTVIEW by Brandt Legg

OUTVIEW by Brandt Legg

Several years after his father died from an unexpected heart attack, sixteen year old Nathan Ryder started having “outivews”, living traumatic, painful deaths of people from the past.  Fearing for his sanity, not wanting to end up in a mental institution like his older brother Dustin, Nate keeps his problem a secret, until the “outviews” start happening during the day.  He finally decides to let his best friends, Kyle and Linh, in on his secret.  Between them, they start unraveling the truth about the “outviews” and the death of Nate’s father.  Was it a heart attack, or murder?  Unknowingly, their search into the truth alerts a government agency, and now they’re running for their lives, trying to stay alive.  But all they want is Nathan, because he’s one of the Seven.

The plot of this wonderfully written story resonates in my inner being, as I’ve always believed in reincarnation and the mental abilities that we, as humans, have forgotten in our pursuit of greed and power.  I’m not sure I believe in multiple incarnations at the same time, but who knows; maybe I’ve run across myself before and never knew it.  I do know that my late husband and I shared several past lives together. 

Between a budding love interest, betrayal by a trusted friend and the relentless pursuit of the government, this story kept me very involved.  I loved all the unique characters Nathan met in his search for who he really is and what abilities he possesses.  This is the first book in the series and it ended with me wanting to know more.   If you love young adult stories, with a mixture of paranormal and intrigue, this book is for you.  I give it 5 feathers.

Pittman & Davis

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