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Meet Tom Tinney & Morgen Batten and their WIP: BLOOD OF INVIDIA

Meet Tom Tinney & MorGen Batten and their WIP: BLOOD OF INVIDIA

Tom Tinney

(I previously read this awesome sci-fi story and gave it 4 feathers.  You can read my review here.)

Threads (Fabric of the Universe Book 1)

What is the story about?
10,000 years ago, a majestic race of beings wage war across our galaxy. They were the Invidians and they conquered worlds, absorbed cultures and subjugated hundreds of races during their campaign to impose galactic order. They were driven to build their empire and fulfill their destiny. But they were mortal. They needed to see their efforts to their conclusion, so they sought the secret to eternal life. They found it.

And then they disappeared.
In our near future, on a calm spring day, aliens battle in the streets of New York. Soon after, an interstellar fleet arrives carrying a protective race, the Agorans. They offer to help humans become part of the galactic community, now that we know we are not alone. They ask for little in return and guide humanity into a new age.

Three childhood friends, and a mysterious stranger, make a not so innocent discovery. They are learning the truth about the motives of our alien benefactors. Are we simply another bread crumb in their search along an ancient trail stretching across the cosmos? Whatever they are seeking, the answers all lie within the Blood of Invidia.

Who is the main character?
There are three characters that share the spotlight. Chris Luna (an average American boy working at the newly founded Earth Free Trade and Transfer Port.), Samantha Giacotti (his over-protective childhood friend) and Marek Rychtar, a stranger that has been around awhile. A long while.

What inspired this tale?
My son, Morgen Batten, and I started texting story ideas a few years ago. He lives in Australia (we have never met face to face). I saved the text messages, and re-read them after I published my SciFi book Threads. We wanted to take the classic Paranormal creatures, and their origins, and stand them on their heads in a SciFi universe. He is probably sleeping as I respond to this.

How did the story come to you?
It just evolved as our messages went back and forth. We outlined the races, the history and rules of our universe. Then we discussed the primary plot arcs. We had to avoid the “info dump” of this elaborate universe we were creating, so we touch on it in the book, but never go into full explain mode. We do refer back to our “rules” as we write to stay true to the story. After the initial brain storming and spreadsheets, it was all about getting a structure in place and writing it.

Did you have to research for this novel and if so, why?
Yes, lots of research. Since one of the main characters is a vampire, we had to make sure that the events they saw or attended are historically accurate. We also brought alien cultures into this and had to research languages and traditions, as well as make up our own. At one point, Chris and Samantha drive through northern Italy and Southern France. I used “Streetview” and drove the entire route, making sure to include visual cues in the writing, so that if anyone ever followed their route, they would see the same things.

If you did research, what do you think surprised you most to learn and why?
There are a LOT of vampire stories and lore. We had to toss most of the conventional thinking out and focus on the political and historical ramifications of a long lived being that thirsted for Blood hiding in plain sight all of those years. The fun part was bringing the vampire into our modern age, even though he had the memories of an advanced ancient know what? No more spoilers.

Do you relate to your character?
I think Morgen and I relate to different characters and different traits. It is a broad story with a few plot arcs. Since it will be a series of four books, we keep getting excited about different characters evolving as we present new challenges and environments. I think I like one of the ”player” characters most. She is Lady Hian Klau, the Hero of Invidia. There is a story to tell behind that character and we will in later works. The glimpses the reader sees of her in this book will leave them wanting more. We modeled her after Aisha Tyler, if Aisha was an Immortal bad ass alien warrior…so that was fun. (Also, we have no proof that Aisha is NOT an Immortal bad ass alien warrior. Please don’t beat us up.)

Is your protagonist anything like you personally?
No. Not at all. There a couple of them in the book, each with a distinct ax to grind. They are pretty myopic in their desires, but plan strategically to achieve their goals. They are not evil, but act in an evil manner. I don’t think I do that.

What made you write this character; what made them important to you or made you want to tell their story?
I see so many people and groups that have taken the “End justifies the means” approach. Blatant lies, misleading narratives, unfounded “facts”, you’re labeled if you disagree and their criminal actions are justified because they are working for their idea of “the social greater good”. And they damn sure want to make sure everyone else pays for it. It is sad that we have a complicit media helping them.

Is there anything specific you want readers to know about this piece of work?
In our book, we examine human history, relationships and what it means to be human. We do this using action, technology, great characters and their interactions with Aliens, Vampires and Lupines. Morgen and I have been writing this book in the cloud for the last year. He from Adelaide and me from Milwaukee, always 12 hours apart. We are now close to finishing it. A draft preview of the first chapter can be seen here: Hero of Invidia
Morgen is my son. While a Father/Son book may be nothing special to most, it is to us. Morgen (age 31) and I (age 52) have never met. We've never been in the same room. Over the last 10 years, we've talked and Skyped, but our finances, the distance and timing have not worked out to allow us to actually meet and spend time together, face to face, so we are making this effort to produce an enjoyable book that can generate the royalties to allow us this long overdue time together.
We're not asking anyone to fund our travel (although any money left over from publishing costs and marketing will go into that pool), we want to let the book royalties pay our way, through our combined efforts.

When will the novel be available for purchase?
In about 4 months. We have the last few chapters to write, beta readers and then the editing and cover. That is where the crowdfund effort comes into play. On the Gofundme site, you can find the links to the other things I have written, as well as a draft first chapter.
A link available for the “Story behind the Story” and contributions is:

You can connect with Tom Tinney at:

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