Sunday, April 12, 2015

SIMPLE by Dena Nicotra

SIMPLE by Dena Nicotra

We’ve all seen numerous movies or read plenty of books about the downfall of the human race at the hands of our artificially created robots or, in this case, Simps. This book is no exception, just with a different spin.

We see the events through the eyes of Hailey, or Lee to her friends. She’s a young, snarky, Italian girl that’s seen her world destroyed and has survived by not letting herself get close to any humans again. If she can find any, that is. Unfortunately for her, she does. She runs across Giz, a computer geek, obsessed with building the code to stop the rampaging Simps. Against her better judgment, they team up and eventually finds herself becoming involved with a group of people that need her help to save humanity.

The futuristic world she lives in is a very detailed and believable place, the geeky information appeared well-researched and the story and characters were well-written. Dena Nicotra threw some subtle clues along the way that I later realized was misdirection. I kept waiting for the colossal reveal of what I thought was going on with one of the characters, but it never transpired. Clever girl, keeping me on my toes.

As in all post-apocalyptic storylines, people have to die, including the sweet and innocent ones. Of course, we have the villains, like Sonya, who we hope receive their just rewards. I thought the ending was somewhat anti-climactic so that effected my rating.

All in all, I enjoyed the story and would recommend it for people who like dystopian books. I give it 4 feathers.

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