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BODY INK AND SOUL by Jude Ouvrard

BODY INK AND SOUL by Jude Ouvrard

I’ve never been into tattoos, can’t understand why people want to mark their bodies.  I do know it’s an art form that’s been around since primitive man.  And there’s still such a stigma about tattoos, the bad boys and slutty girls.  So it was refreshing to read a book from a different outlook on the world of tattoos.  I never knew getting a tattoo could be so erotic.
The story starts out pretty dramatic when Phoenix’s mother finds out she’s pregnant and her tattooed, biker boyfriend dumps her, never looking back.  Hence her hatred for the “bad boys” and her selfish attempt to keep Phoenix away from those type of mem. 
The story actually starts when Phoenix moves in with her two best friends, Bekka and Val.  Now that she’s out from underneath her controlling mother, Nix starts seeing herself and her mother in a different light.  While working at a bar as a bartender, she meets Levi, a man totally opposite from the man she has a crush on, Tristan.  Tristan’s studying to be an attorney and comes from good family while Levi is a walking tattoo billboard and owns his own tattoo shop.  But which one is really the bad boy?
There is a lot of chemistry and heat between Nix, Tristan and Levi as she tries to come to terms with her true feelings.  The story is told in first person by Nix.  I felt it could’ve been a better story in third person.  There were other characters I would’ve liked to have gotten better acquainted with, such as Bekka.  I did become immersed in the story and the characters.  Unfortunately, I thought the end was anti-climactic as I knew what was bound to happen.  It’s a pretty simplistic and common plot, but I did enjoy it.
I’m only giving this a 3 feather rating for these reasons: 1) too repetitive with her same feelings stated over and over, too saccharine for me.  2) This is the big one.  Terrible editing!!  So many mistakes and I almost deleted this book from my kindle when I got to the part where Nix ran to Boston to be with Val, and suddenly it’s Bekka that’s in Boston.  Just a lot of plain, stupid mistakes.  But the story kept me involved enough to continue.  I felt the beginning of the book was better than the end.

This is book 1 so I’m sure book 2 will get into Nix’s pursuit of her musical talent, but I don’t think I’ll be reading it.  I give it 3 feathers.

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