Saturday, January 10, 2015

SHAMAN: The Awakening by VR McCoy

SHAMAN: The Awakening by VR McCoy

This is a book I’ve wanted to read for awhile, mainly because of the cover design and the theme of the storyline as I love Native American lore. 
The beginning of the book drew me in as I became introduced to Chris, a Freedom Cherokee, and his ability to dreamscape.  Because of his special abilities, he works for a special branch of the FBI that deals with unsolved cases.  His teammates are also gifted in their own unique ways for profiling these types of cases.  The team’s called to New Mexico to help solve the case of a serial killer that’s abducting, holding then killing his victims in a gruesome, ritualistic manner.  Chris ends up with two romantic interests during the investigation of the case.  One ends up turning her back on him. 
I found the plot intriguing and the background of the Indian Nation and their beliefs seemed very well documented.  By the end of the case, Chris has met his spirit guide and is learning to use more of his abilities.  I feel there could be another story for this character.
This book could’ve received at least a 4 star rating, but for these two reasons.  First, the stilted, and one dimensional dialogue: he said, she replied, she smiled, he smiled, etc.  The characters all sounded alike.  When the story is being told from the first person POV, it’s very engaging.  It’s the dialogue that really set me off.  The second reason I couldn’t’ give 4 stars are all the glaring, proofreading / editing errors.  There are actually two places in the book where I found footnotes included in the manualscript.
I also felt there were several scenes in the book that if they had been developed more would’ve added more action and drama to the story, IE their escape from the church and the warehouse.  These were glossed over and done in a few paragraphs.

This was an enjoyable read and I did come to like Chris’ character.  I give it 3 feathers.  

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