Saturday, January 31, 2015

DARK SHADOWS: The Mercy Carver Series by Jana Petken

DARK SHADOWS: The Mercy Carver Series by Jana Petken

This historical tale starts with a very dark and dramatic flair as Mercy Carver is brought forth into life.  The anguish of her father, Thomas Carver, over the loss of his beloved wife, Joan, is so heartfelt.  Overwhelmed with his loss, he performers the ultimate selfish act, suicide, but in such a fashion to make you squeamish.  Yuck!  What a way to bring a child into the world.

Now it’s 18 years later and Mercy Carver is celebrating her birthday, but she’s unhappy as unknown to her, she was promised to an old wealth merchant when she was a child.  Chaffing at the bit, wanting to explore the world and see more than the neighborhood she was brought up in, she devices a scheme to escape her bonds, if only for a few hours.  But her best laid plans run afoul and now her life will never be the same.

I love Mercy Carver with her well developed character, and such a contrast to the evil, vile Madame du Pont.   Ms. Petken did an awesome job building up this despicable person.  I wanted to stick a knife in her a couple of times.  There’s a lot of adventure in this story, as Mercy travels from England to America and finds herself at the beginning of the Civil War.  She endures trials and tribulations and comes out stronger because of them. 

This is a wonderful romantic story and I recommend it for anyone who loves these types of books.  I give it my 5 feathers.

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