Saturday, January 3, 2015


I'm going to deviate from my normal book reviews and updates on my writing to do a public service notice.  

Back in early December I went to my online bank account at US Bank.  A survey window popped up so I decided to complete it.  I like doing surveys.  At the end, there was a list of items I was offered for FREE other than S&H.  There was an offer for a FREE bottle of Garcinia Cambogia.  Since I'm into herbs, I selected that product and proceeded to the check out.  I filled out my order and I went to check out, it added another bottle, for FREE but S&H, of a Colon Cleanse.  It was never my intention to buy this bottle, but I couldn't find anyway to remove it. So I figured, what the hell.  Everyone needs a good colon cleansing.  

I went to check my bank balance today, which I do once a month before I pay my rent, and lo and behold there are 3 charges posted for some type of E-health provider.  They amounted to several hundred dollars.  I called the toll free number and received the worst customer service ever.  At least she was from the Midwest.  She wouldn't let me speak, kept talking over me and told me, I was the one that checked the box for a recurring charge.  What!??  I never saw such a box and I never would've set myself up on recurring payments for these amount as I'm living paycheck to paycheck.  She kept talking down to me, calling me Pam E La.  She told me I was being rude to her, which I was, then hung up on me.

Well, I've been in customer service for years, whether as a claims examiner, policyholder service and now agent support and you NEVER treat your customers that way.  I tried to point that out to her, but she refused to listen.  

So, as I fuming away, getting ready to call my bank, my phone rings.  It's the same person, but now she's a manger.  Really!!  And she wants to offer me a refund.  She's still calling me the same name: Pam E La.  They offer me a 50% refund, which I decline.  I tell her I'm going to my bank to dispute the charges and she says the banks will always side on the merchant.  Not true.  Then she offers me 75%.  I tell her I have the unopened packet and I will send it back for a full refund.  She says I never told the other customer service representative that, so a return of the product was no longer an option.  I told her, You were the person I just spoke too.  She kept talking right over me.  Anyway, I accepted the 75% refund then called my bank and filed a fraud report. 

I never even opened the package until today.  I was looking for some type of receipt or invoice.  Nothing.  And the web address on the bottle: says Coming Shortly.  WTH?  Part of why I'm upset is it was my bank that offered me this product.  I did express my concerns to the kind man at US Bank.  

I did some research on the web and couldn't find any websites or a facebook or twitter account.  But I did find a Better Business complaint.  Here is the address:

Now I'm shy of my rent money, which will cost me late fees.  What a fiasco.  So, please beware of pop windows asking you to do a survey for a website.  Even if it's one you trust.  Okay, my rant is over.  Thanks for listening.    

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