Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DEAR MAUDE by Denise Liebig

Dear Maude (The Dear Maude Trilogy Book 1)

DEAR MAUDE by Denise Liebig

Not able to afford college tuition, Emily Stanton accepted a full scholarship from Evergreen Research Corporation, with the understanding that, after right after graduation, she would have to spend the next four years working for them. Which didn't seem like such a bad idea, until she graduated. Now, the thought of spending fours years away from Mom and step-father, seems like too much of a sacrifice. But that's just the tip of the iceberg she is soon to uncover. 

I thought the advancement of the plot was unique by the use of Emily's journal, which she calls Maude, named after her grandmother's aunt, who had a somewhat eccentric personality for her time period. This all ties in together at the end. I found myself drawn into the story, waiting with expectancy, as Emily found out what Evergreen Research Corporation really stood for, and their intended use of her knowledge and expertise. I also found my head spinning, just like Emily's, as she was confronted with the past, present and future, all at the same time. My favorite scene is while Emily is brushing her horse, Estelle, and she breaks into an air guitar recital with the brush, then Wendell Berringer walks in. Well, you had to have been there. 

I found this a very entertaining tale and look forward to book 2. There is no bad language or sex scenes, so anyone who enjoys a light, time travel fantasy should enjoy this book. I give it 4 feathers. 

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