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Blog Tour of VENGEANCE OF THE GODS by O'jay Dimbuh

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Title: Vengeance Of The Gods
Author: O’jay Dimbuh
Publisher: Jossidy Books



This is a fascinating historical epic, an intriguing tale of passion, deep-seated cultural divide, the original conflict, great vision, cast-iron convictions, and exceptional courage – the deeply evocative story of one man’s compulsive and dangerous quest to follow his conscience… 

Bold, brave, golden-hearted and endearingly steadfast, Chidebem repeatedly defied the odds as he wound through a most extraordinary life, growing to become one of the greatest men to live, east of the Niger River, in the area later called Nigeria. 

From the unbelievably daring rescue of two children from five armed slave-hunters, to a driven and passionate but short-lived love affair with an alluringly beautiful Irish widow at nineteen. From the breathtaking spectacle of his virtually barehanded lion-kill, to his great wealth, fame, and women. From the clever and dangerous rescue of Royal Niger Company men facing near-certain death at the fearsome clan of Okija, to an ingenious intervention to prevent a massacre of his people as the British marched in… 

Then came the crunch. First, he faced the dilemma of a 'sacrilegious' twin-birth by the love of his life, then the political shenanigans of agents of the great British Empire. Will 'the greatest of Ngana's sons' back down for once in his life, for fear of conflict with the ways of his ancestors? Will he tremble at the prospect of a confrontation with the mighty District Commissioner and the god-like British Resident? Or will he follow his conscience, as usual, and take the boldest and most daring steps in his colorful life? His decisions will have profound and far-reaching consequences for himself, his beloved people and countless others … 






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About the author: O’jay Dimbuh

O'jay Dimbuh

I was born and raised in the Nigerian south-eastern city of Enugu. I am a graduate of Visual Arts from the University of Port Harcourt, majoring in sculpture; I am also a painter. 

I have great drive and ambition for my writing, and hope to become one of the great storytellers of our time. I love music, drama, and the computer. I have written several published articles, poems, drama, and movie scripts.

I am an entrepreneur, masseur, sports & fitness enthusiast, a martial artist, a voracious reader, and a thinker. I am inspired in life by the outstanding characters of the Bible, and great thinkers, both ancient and modern.

For me, writing is a means of unburdening my spirit, expressing my values, beliefs and concerns for the future - a relief-inducing exercise. 

VENGEANCE OF THE GODS - my first prose - epitomizes all these. It is a story through which I have expressed my affinity with my roots. 

I live in Abuja, Nigeria, where I run my advertising agency.

*You can contact me through or visit to learn more about me

Author Interview:

1. You have just published your first novel, VENGEANCE OF THE GODS, which is a historical tale of epic proportions. What inspired you to write such an exceptional story?

Thank you for the question. VENGEANCE OF THE GODS was inspired primarily by stories I was told about my maternal great grandfather, Chukwudebelu Ikeabuaku. He was born in the later part of the nineteenth century, in Obosi, Anambra state of Nigeria. He was educated up to standard six at the time; and had associated closely with early European settlers in our part of the Niger area, notably working for the John Holt Company.

Having been influenced by the teachings of early Christian missionaries, he had resisted the attempt to cast away his twin babies, as was the practice at the time. One of those twin babies was my grandfather; with his sister, they were the first twins to survive in Obosi.

My great grandfather was very wealthy and influential, so was able to get away with his rebellion against the norm, but it had cost him dearly. He was forced to move his entire family to the outskirts of their hometown at the time. That is why my mother’s immediate kin live in a different village from their third and fourth cousins, though they all bear the same surname, Ikeabuaku.

The conflict that arose from his rebellion had almost cost human lives and compelled him to send his wife and twin babies away to Onitsha for safety. Also, legend has it that his rebellion against the norm had eventually cost him his live, since he had died young, when my grandfather was only nine years old.

This story was also influenced by Chinua Achebe’s THINGS FALL APART, and tales about the mostly forgotten times of our forebears.

2. Is it true that it has a sequel?

Yes, VENGEANCE OF THE GODS has a sequel. It was supposed to be part of the original story, which was conceived as a tale of two generations of exceptional men. I only separated it from the original story to limit the size of what was bound to be a huge book.

3. Can you give us a hint of what the sequel will be like?

The sequel will follow the life of Chidebem’s twin son, Osondu, as he goes to the far away city of Lagos to pursue a career in public service, several years after his father’s tragic death. There, a series of exciting and incredibly coincidental events will lead to the fulfilment of the prophecies given when his twin sister was taken away by the woman who was helping her mother to look after her.

4. So the sequel will be a more contemporary story?

Yes, the sequel is a much more contemporary story than VENGEANCE OF THE GODS. It will be intertwined with the emergence of the nation state known today as Nigeria.

5.How will you describe VENGEANCE OF THE GODS, and who will you say it is aimed at?

VENGEANCE OF THE GODS is a historical African classic tale, which chronicles events as European influence started to impose itself on the old African way of life. It’s a story of adventure, passion, rebellion, betrayal, romance and African mysteries. It’s also rich in real historical events and virtually unknown African beliefs and practices. The book also gives insight into the root causes of Africa’s contemporary problems.
It is for every adult reader, for it gives outsiders an insight into old African ways and mysteries, while teaching Africans about their past. It’s raunchy parts makes it a book for adults, not for children.

6. Who is your favourite author?

That’s a tough one. But I’ll say that Robert Ludlum stands out among the many great authors I’ve read. He has an imagination that I consider second to none.

7. Which other great authors have you enjoyed reading their books?

Mario Puzo, Harold Robbins, Judith Krantz, Jackie Collins, Agatha Cristie, Frederick Forsyth and Dan brown are some western writers I’ve enjoyed reading. Then on the African front, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Cyprian Ekwensi, Ola Rotimi, Elechi Amadi, Chuma Nwokolo, Chima-Amanda Adichie and Ngugi Wa Thiango easily come to mind.

8. If you could choose one book that you think everyone should read, what would it be and why?

The Bible, because it is the greatest of all books. Certain factors make the Bible a very unique book, and to me, the most outstanding book ever written. First of all, it is made up of 66 books, written by 40 men, during a time span of over 1,610 years; yet it has a harmonious theme, and those men are not considered as the real authors of the Bible. Secondly, it is a book of incredibly detailed and accurate prophesies. Thirdly, it contains inimitable and timeless knowledge and wisdom. Mostly, though, because more than any other book, it tells us about the past, the present and the future of mankind.

Note these things: King David (who was no intellectual) had written about the ‘circle of the earth’ centuries before the Greeks killed the philosopher, Socrates, for proposing the idea of a spherical earth. What rule is more golden, more perfect and all encompassing than Jesus’ injunction to do to others as we will like them to do to us? The release of the Israelites from Babylonian bondage by Darius the Mede was prophesied over 250 years before it happened, which was over 180 years even before the Babylonian conquest, complete with Darius’ name. Notably, too, was Jesus’ counsel to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Who would have thought at that time that several centuries later, taxation would be a universally accepted practice, even among the Jews who had opposed it so strongly?

9. This reminds me of a seeming peculiarity about VENGEANCE OF THE GODS. It’s made up of three books, each subtitled and headed by a quote from the Bible. Why did you choose quotes from the Bible instead of ones from other sources, like poems?

I chose quotes from the Bible because they were most apt for expressing my thoughts concerning the various parts of my story. I would have chosen quotes from elsewhere if I had found the right ones.

10. What do you think about people comparing your book to the works of African greats, like Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart?

I’m flattered because he was one of the most outstanding storytellers I’ve known, and one of the father’s of contemporary African literature.

11. What is the most powerful novel you ever read?

Chinua Achebe’s THINGS FALL APART is the most powerful novel I’ve read.

12. What advice would you give aspiring authors?

They should read about and understand their chosen subject, and if possible, experience it too. They should also write what they know and understand, not just what they feel passionate about. They should have intimate knowledge of their characters and settings, and then explore the possibilities open to fiction writers. They shouldn’t expect overnight success because it’s a writer’s jungle out there, with aspiring authors far outstripping available publishing opportunities. At the end, your determination to succeed might be the determining factor.

13. What are your future writing plans?

I’ve lots of works in the making. I’m currently working on a contemporary fictional tale that derives from the effects of the Nigerian Civil War.

14. What has influenced your writing style?

I think that the greatest influence on my writing style is my value for, and sense of reality. For me, truth is everything, and I often find myself leaning towards the realistic even in the course of the creative process. As a visual artist, this had given me emphasis on detail, as is seen in my writing style.

15. Your book is quite evocative, various parts of it invoking rather strong feelings. Did you find it hard to write sometimes because of this?

Yes, it got quite emotional sometimes (Laughs). I ‘live’ through my stories, and I ‘feel’ the events occur, so I get into the emotions of it all. I laugh, sigh, and shed a few tears, as I feel elation, sadness, and the pains of the story.

16. Thanks, O'jay, for talking to us about your works.

You’re welcome. It was a pleasure talking to you about them.

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