Monday, March 2, 2015


by J.K. Accinni 

I want to start my review off by saying that I’ve had my eye on this series for quite awhile, mainly because of the covers.  I’ve never seen ebook covers that glowed and were so beautifully luminescent.  Outstanding.  Below are the covers for the 3 books in this bundled ebook format.


The first book starts in 1929 with the second book leaping to 2033.  The future world is a dark and bleak place to live, unless you’re rich.  In her stories, J.K. Accinni has showed us the fallout of our greedy human nature and the impact this has caused to our society and ecology.  Some critics would say she’s standing on her soapbox, politicking.  I strongly disagree.  Considering this first story was copyrighted several years ago, and now we have the threat of the extremist Muslims at our doorstep, worming their way into our schools and political offices, I think she’s spot-on. 

Out of the three books contained in this version, Baby, Echo and Armageddon Cometh, the first story has stuck with me the most.  I even remember all the vital character’s names.  That’s saying a lot for me.  J.K. Accinni did such a terrific job portraying Netty and her horrible, abusive marriage to Robert Doyle.  Once she finally found a way to escape the clutches of her evil, ruthless husband, she found herself in control of her own destiny.  As she started building a new life for herself, she ran across Baby, an Oolahan that was sent to Earth by the Womb to correct the mistakes of the Elders.  But Baby was damaged and lost his mission, instead latching onto the traumatized Netty.  The bond would change Netty forever, in ways she never thought possible.  Then the vile Robert Dolye shows up and upsets her overflowing applecart. 

The second book starts in 2033 where the US is nothing more than a big welfare country, people living off the government and most of the larger cities are nothing but huge tenement, free government housing.  All the rich people have moved out of country, or living in a few select areas in Florida. 

This story features the offspring from Baby called Echo.  These creatures are so unique, I really wish I could see one in person.  I think the only really feel-goodness of these books is the wonderment when the few selected humans meet the Oolahan’s and how they change and impact their lives.  There’s an undercurrent of dark despair and doom and gloom running through these tales.  But I’m assuming that’s setting up for the next books in the series, which there are four more. 

I think some emotions were taken a little too off-hand, like Captain Cobby thinking of taking Abby as a lover, even after all the physical changes her body has gone through because of Echo.  Okay.  And there were some metaphors in the first story that didn’t fit the time period.  But all in all, I really like this series and I can’t wait to see what happens next.  I highly recommend it and give it 5 feathers.

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