Monday, March 2, 2015

DANIEL’S FORK by Zeece Lugo

DANIEL’S FORK by Zeece Lugo 

This tale starts 100 years after a pandemic wiped out a large portion of the population.  The survivors settled into small towns and settlements, one of them Daniel’s Fork, named by the founder.  The democratic government has now been replaced with a feudal type system.  After the death of the current Lord, a new Lord has been assigned to Daniel’s Fork, and that’s where the story starts. 

This story has 2 underlining plots, one between the healer, Setiyah, and the new Lord, William Evers.  And the other one, the unsolved murders of young men who were seeking the hand of a young village girl named Susanna.  All of her suitors ended up either murdered or mysteriously disappearing. 

I really enjoyed the verbal fencing between the Lady Setiyah and William the Gorgeous.  I chuckled several times over the antics of Becca and Flora as they insinuated themselves into the Lord’s household.  My favorite scene is when Commander Evers answers the door in the nude, setting the gaggle of women to exclaiming over his well-endowed manly physique. 

There are quite a few secondary characters, one of which is gay.  There is an M/M sexual encounter, which surprised me, more by the two men that were involved. 

Myself, I found it a very light, enjoyable, fantasy story, and I look forward to seeing where the storyline and characters go.  I give it 4 feathers.

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