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EVERY FIVE YEARS by Christine Ardigo

EVERY FIVE YEARS by Christine Ardigo

I was introduced to Heather in Christine Ardigo’s book Cheating To Survive.  This story goes into more detail about Heather’s on-again off-again relationship with Nicolo.

Heather’s family came from the poorer side of town, so she was surprised when Lance, from an affluent family, took a shine to her and wanted to start dating.  Feeling pressure from her High School friends, especially her best friend Brooke, and her family, she agreed to date him.  Even against all her misgivings, she found herself married to the selfish, overbearing Lance.  The problem was, she’s really in love with Nicolo.  So this is a tale of love lost and the missed chances in life.

When I read Heather’s character in Cheating To Survive, I felt empathy for her plight.  But after reading how she let herself end up in such a loveless, hate filled marriage, I can’t.  Everything that happened to her, was her own choice.  Heather is supposed to be a free-thinking, out-of-the-box person, so I just can’t see her marrying someone that wanted to change her.  I guess it’s because I faced a similar situation in High School.  The boy who wanted to marry me was just as controlling as Lance.  But I choose me over him. 

Who I really felt sorry for, was Nicolo.  He was stood-up, twice, by Heather, without any explanations.  He tried to go on with his life, but everywhere he turned, Heather was in his memories.  Eventually, he settled for second-best, not realizing the trap he’d made for himself.

This book goes into plenty of detail from High School to the hospital that Heather’s working at in the first book.  After that, it kind of skips and feels rushed.  If I hadn’t read the first book, I think I might have gotten lost in the whys and wherefores of her actions. 

Even though I don’t like the younger Heather, I did sympathize with the older Heather, after she had to live with her consequences.  The whole point of a story is to make you feel, whether good or bad, and Christine accomplished that purpose.  I fell in love with Heather’s children and I was happy with her victory over Lance and Blanca, the mother-in-law from hell.  There are a lot of emotional ups and downs in this well-written tale, so keep a box of tissues handy. 

I enjoyed this book and recommend it for all romance lovers.  I give it 4 feathers. 

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