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I’ve always been a strong believer In the Native American culture and how they interacted with nature and each other.  As Phoebe jumped back and forth from the 1600’s to present time, it saddened me to recognize the changes and destruction we greedy white people have done with our planet. 

This wasn’t a fast paced story as it took it’s time building the characters and surroundings.  There’s a lot of history and storyline to go through as Phoebe is regressed back in her memories, trying to remember who she really is.  But as I neared the halfway mark in the book, I found myself reading faster and faster, getting more drawn into the story.  I wanted to see if Phoebe and Lee actually connected and who Lee really was.  I thought I had it figured out, but I was afraid that Phoebe was going to vanish just like she appeared, into the mist. 

I loved the way Phoebe talked and Murphy kept her true to her time period whenever the POV switched back to her, which couldn’t have been easy.  I also want to point out, I was never once confused who was talking or the POV.  The characters were well developed, even down to the girls living in the half-way house with Phoebe. 

The story takes us back through all the peril’s the colonists and Indians had to face back in the 1600’s.  Kim Murphy did a lot of research and it’s reflected in the story.  As a dabbler in herbology, I can attest to her proper use of the herbs that were used back then and even today.  Herbs are so much stronger and better than the white man’s medicine. 

I really liked this story, but there was one point that stuck out at me.  If Phoebe really was from the 1600’s, she wouldn’t be able to drink our contaminated water, let alone all the chemically processed foods we ingest on a daily basis.  Her body would have rebelled and she should have gotten sick.  I just don’t think she would have readily taken to eating processed foods and munching on French fries.

If you’re looking for a good, paranormal romance, I highly recommend this book.  I give it 4 feathers.  

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