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VENDETTA by Craig Gaydas

VENDETTA  by Craig Gaydas

While auditing claims and underwriting transactions at Martens Insurance Group, Jody uncovers possible embezzlement of funds by one of the Underwriters.  She goes to her boss / CFO with her suspicions, which results a hit from the Mob on her and her fiance.  Now she’s back for revenge. 

This isn’t a typical who-dunnit story, as we know who the killers are almost from the beginning.  But we do get to follow around with Detective Chuck Ferraro as he tries to piece together the multiple murders of Alex and Jody, her missing body and the other murders that start springing up around his quiet town.  We also follow along with Jody as she begins her vendetta against everyone involved with the embezzlement and the death of Alex and herself. 

I thought the characters were well-developed and even though I knew Jody would end up dead, how else are you going to have a paranormal vendetta?, I still felt sad for her in the way she died.  I really enjoyed the end of the book and I thought it was a perfect ending.  Another character I really enjoyed was Dalton Fitch. He was the counterpoint to her lust for revenge.   

There were some issues with the plot that I disagree with.  One, it’s only a few days after Alex is murdered, but Jody’s sitting on his grave, wondering why she was brought back.  His body wouldn’t even have been released from the morgue yet, let alone buried.  Second, an embezzlement of this magnitude, via claims and underwriting practices, would’ve already been discovered by the State Insurance Department.  I’ve worked in health insurance for most of my life, I know how it works.  Insurance companies get audited constantly by the states they sell insurance in.  Embezzlement happens in insurance companies, it happened in one I worked for, but not through claim payments.  Insurance Departments keep an eagle eye on these types of transactions.

Overall, I enjoyed the book.  If you like a dark mystery with a twist of paranormal, you should read this book.  I give it 4 feathers. 

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