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New 99 cent promo for THE SECRET OF EXCALIBUR

Templar Knight swords, tunics, jewelry, banners and gifts!

New 99 cent Promotion for

My book will be going on sell from 04-24-15 to 04-30-15 for 99 cents.  You can also buy the book FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  With a 4.8 out of 5 star rating, how you can pass up such a deal.  See what happy readers have said about this amazing adult adventure.

The Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley is a fantasy with humor throughout. This author’s ability at producing one-liners, either spoken or in the protagonist’s head, kept me shaking mine and even laughing out loud. I never laughed so hard as when the protagonist, Arthur Merlin, ends up landing on his backside in a pan of hot grease and two frying fish and then crashes into the fire pit. The hilarity just keeps going with Foley’s ability to make this serious scene something riotous. I stopped where I was and read this chapter twice and was laughing so hard I cried. Foley’s ability to tell a tale is not only amazing, so is her penchant for detail and defining people’s emotions, actions and reactions accurately to make the story seem real.

I found the dialog of each character perfect. Not only did the dialog move the story forward, it is astounding how Foley can comes up with the perfect verbiage for each character. Not one character sounded the same as another. Characters pushed and pulled at one another according to their personalities, ideals, wants and needs. This story has so many elements to it that it’s difficult to talk about the plot without creating spoilers.

This author’s new spin on an Arthurian tale is an extreme example of creativity at its best. This story is told from the mind of the male protagonist. While many people try to write a character of the opposite sex, I found nothing to fault in the way Arthur Merlin lives through the plot. His attitude is very male, and all the characters personalities are perfectly defined and honest. Even the paranormal events in this story feel real. Foley must have a raucous attitude when writing. I picture her laughing when writing what she has conjured for a story.

I cannot read another book right now, not until both the extreme hilarity and the shock of this story wears off. I loved this incredible fantasy and love this author’s writing. If you like reading extreme tales, this one will take you possibly where you’ve never been before.

The Secret of Excalibur is an enthralling an unpredictable twist on the legendary Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake legends.  Sahara Foley’s brilliant layers of superpowers and global intrigue is out of this world! When you read this tale you will know what I mean!

I'm deliciously stunned with how the story ended!

It is suffice to say that when I hear about Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake of Legends I will think about Foley’s incredible The Secret of Excalibur. Well done!!

Last night I finished reading what I thought started out to be an exciting adventure with well-drawn characters. I sensed from the start that I had stumbled on to a book that I would enjoy. That doesn't happen with just any book. So admitting I was enjoying the book is saying something. Arthur was a hoot and I felt his wonderment and unease as he tritd to make sense of his powers. His love affair with Ruth reminded me of Nick and Nora of the old detective series.

Then the story took an unexpected and profound turn. I don't want to discuss the plot and ruin it for other readers. I am left stunned with all of my complex emotions and a feeling of wonderment lingering. I will be mulling over the lives of these characters for a long time. This book is going to stay with me as one of the most entertaining, enjoyable (every single scene) and awesome (on the order of 2001 Space Odyssey) that I have ever read.

I found the author used admirable restraint with the relationship of Daisy and Arthur. I wanted to know so much more. (They say, always leave them wanting more) It was very effective letting Ruth narrate the close of the story. I could feel Ruth's great sadness and her acceptance that her life would be lived with a second choice. And thank you, Sahara Foley for leaving Ruth with her so very special gift. It was perfection.

I don’t want to say too much about the book’s story – I think too much has been said about that already, and, after all, it’s up to us to find out for ourselves. And besides, it doesn’t take long to find out; this book moves along, reads, as rapidly as a Bond film.

The story is narrated by our mind-reading super-powered hero, Arthur Merlin, and when he’s not around, the author affords us the choice of either assuming she has taken over as omniscient author, or – and this is clever – that Arthur is still telling the tale because he can be where he wants when he wants…


But back to the “Bond” thing. I can’t help thinking that, along with his own experiences, had ‘The Paranormal’ been so big in Ian Fleming’s day, he might have written something like this. Arthur Merlin is a wonderful fantasy figure, though hardly the alpha hero in that, to be honest, he’s very tongue-in-cheek too: he’s non-negotiable on most things – as for terrorists, they’ve got no chance – he’s a governmental loose cannon… Oh, and he has a sex-drive like mine. Except he can pull it off, as it were – hell, he can even convert the staunchest lesbian to come out of the closet and see what she’s missing: a man. He’s a real man, you see, and he just can’t get enough. Anyone remember Bond doing that, by the way? Well, Arthur can spy on her taking a shower while pouring brandies in the kitchen. Can Bond do that? No!

Maybe I’m exaggerating a tad, but the book is great fun.

And then there’s the whole King Arthur angle, adding a whole new dimension – Bond meets Merlin, it’s a fantasy world gone mad. And yet the author somehow pulls it off; she has a wonderful imagination.

Time to get your copy while it's still on sell.

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